We have introduced a very useful feature to PrimeBit’s affiliate panel. Now you can offer your friends and followers a promo code. It’s easy. In this post, I will show you how to create a promo link with a 10% discount on the taker fee. 

Everybody that clicks the link will be informed that they receive a premium account from you.

  1. Login to app.primebit.com and navigate to the “Affiliate program section”.
  2. Now click “NEW CAMPAIGN” button on the menu on the left.
  3. In the “Campaign creator,” check the “Use promo code” option. At the moment “START10” promo is available. It gives everyone who registers to PrimeBit with this referral link a 10% discount on the taker fee.
  4. Add your name to create a personal message for your future affiliates.
  5. Finally, name your campaign and submit it clicking “Create Campaign” button.
  6. Now click “Campaigns”, and choose your new campaign from the list.
  7. Choose “+ADD LINK” option.
  8. And copy your referral link with promo code.

That’s it. Share your link with friends, followers, and readers. Make sure you come back to the PrimeBit Affiliate dashboard to track your revenue.



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