Everybody wants to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin contracts. The platforms that offer a leveraged P2P exchange are getting extremely popular. This is a new attractive product that will explode when cryptocurrency markets go up ahead of the awaited Bitcoin halving that will take place in May this year. You don’t have to be a skilled margin trader to make money on the global trend. It’s enough to earn easy money with an affiliation program.

The biggest question, however, is which platform to choose. The answer is simple – go for the best product. People will sign up with your links, and what’s more important, they will trade on the platform. This way you will get a lifetime revenue share on every transaction they will ever make. What’s more, you want to attract as many skilled traders as possible, since you will earn your commission on their “taker fee”, each time when they make a profitable trade. 

Here are the features you should look for.

High and adjustable leverage

Margin traders don’t always trade with sky-high leverage. Actually many go for a reasonable 5x or 10x levels or no leverage. However, skilled and experienced traders put a part of their money in positions with little leverage, and at the same time open high risks, high reward orders on accounts with the highest leverage possible. 

That’s why people looking for a P2P cryptocurrency mercantile exchanges go for the product that offers the highest maximum leverage. In this case, your choice is simple, as there is one clear winner in the market. PrimeBit offers the highest maximum leverage across the board. It is the only futures exchange that allows you to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin with a 200x leverage if you want to make huge profit risking little money. In other words, you can take a position worth $20,000 with a deposit of only $100.

Let me give you an example. To make a “BUY” order for two Bitcoins at a price of $8,700, you need to deposit just $87 if you trade with 200x leverage. If the price goes up just 5% to $9135, you make 1000% profit and earn $870. If the market goes against you, you simply get knocked out of your position, but your risk is capped since you cannot lose more than $87.

That’s why skilled traders choose PrimeBit, and you can benefit from it.

No slippage

This is another key feature. Traders are very sensitive about it. If an exchange is lagging they will never use it again. They want their orders to be executed on the price they choose. The product you promote should be reliable and work flawlessly. 

In this case, PrimeBit also beats the competition. The benchmarks show they have the lowest latency. How do they do it? The platform is powered by a high-performance engine built with the newest software technology. Traders benefit from the fastest execution speed with no delays.

Choosing PirmeBit you are sure your marketing efforts won’t be sabotaged by system failures, and the quality traders you bring in will stick for years.

No insurance fund

Some P2P crypto futures platforms use a controversial Insurance Fund. During the automatic deleveraging process they take the difference between the Liquidation and Bankruptcy Prices (called Maintenance Margin Requirement) and keep it. The money is supposed to be there to protect the interests of traders. If the effective liquidation price is lower than the bankruptcy price (in case of long positions), the gap is covered by the Insurance Fund.

Cryptocurrency traders don’t like this solution as the Insurance Funds have a strange tendency to grow, and some of them already amount to tens of thousands of Bitcoins.

PrimeBit has no insurance fund as they solve the problem with a straightforward deleveraging process. This is yet another reason why your PrimeBit affiliate network will grow faster than any other.

No expiry dates

Then a contract expires, the client’s position is automatically closed at an expiry price. Many cryptocurrency exchange weekly contracts.  If traders want to keep their position for an extended time, they need to make a new order once the old one expires. 

This is very annoying. When margin trading there’s enough stress with being knocked out of your position by the market, and you don’t want the exchange to close your profitable position just because the time’s up. 

That’s why platforms such as PrimeBit are so attractive. There are no limits to the traders’ profits as far as they are on the right side of the market.

Fair and transparent trading conditions

Crypto and blockchain are all about transparency. The wallets may be anonymous, but everyone has insight into the ledger. Make sure you sign up for an affiliate program with a trading platform that’s transparent. 

PrimeBit makes sure trading conditions are transparent, client has all the information about the prices, fees and potential profit at the moment of opening a position. There are no surprises. Cryptocurrency margin traders have enough uncertainty with the price volatility. They don’t want trading conditions to surprise them.

PrimeBit traders before making an order can easily evaluate their strategy with a handy calculator that shows all the most important parameters of the transaction. 

Finally, when choosing the best crypto futures platform to promote, go for the one that’s growing fast. PrimeBit has just gone viral. The platform attracted 4,000 active traders in just two months without big marketing spendings. Traders are recommending the product to each other as they want more liquidity. You can do the same using a personal referral link that will secure you up to 20% lifetime revenue share for every transaction that is ever made from an account created after clicking your link.

Go to PrimeBit now, register a free account with an e-mail (no deposit needed), grab your referral link, and hop on the bandwagon.

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