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  1. High and adjustable leverage. Skilled and experienced traders put a part of their money in positions with little leverage, and at the same time open high risks, high reward orders on accounts with the highest leverage possible. 
  2. No slippage. This is another key feature. Traders are very sensitive about it. If an exchange is lagging they will never use it again. They want their orders to be executed on the price they choose. The product you promote should be reliable and work flawlessly. 
  3. No insurance fund. Some P2P crypto futures platforms use a controversial Insurance Fund. During the automatic deleveraging process they take the difference between the Liquidation an
  4. No expiry dates. When a contract expires, the client’s position is automatically closed at an expiry price. Many cryptocurrency exchanges offer weekly contracts.  If traders want to keep their position for an extended time, they need to make a new order once the old one expires. 
  5. Fair and transparent trading conditions. Crypto and blockchain are all about transparency. The wallets may be anonymous, but everyone has insight into the ledger. 

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