All you need to know about our sensational trading competition that gives everyone a chance to win real rewards without risking personal funds.

How to join?

Register through the Contest landing page or click on the “Join contest” button in your ‘Account dashboard’ of the PrimeBit WebTrader.

What’s the kick-off time?

The competition starts on October 19, 2020 (12:00:01 am UTC). It runs four full weeks and ends on November 15, 2020 (11:59:59 pm UTC).

What’s the goal of this Contest?

Multiply your Contest account’s initial deposit of 5000 USDT by trading PrimeBit contracts. The higher profit you make, the higher prize you win.

Weekly and Global Rankings will be published and regularly updated during the Contest on the PrimeBit website.

What can I win?

We reward 10 best traders every week from a $1,500 prize pool.

At the top of that, 50 traders with the highest profits from the Global Ranking collect prizes from the main prize pool. The best trader earns $1,000 paid in Tether!

All prizes can be withdrawn without any restrictions.

An additional reward for all new users!

Every new user who signs up to PrimeBit between September 21 and November 15 and joins the Contest gains commission-free live trading for 14 days, starting from November 16.

Read PrimeBit Demo Trading Contest T&Cs.


Anika Vasu is a financial analyst and author specializing in trading and finance. She has been writing extensively on investments, trading strategies, and financial markets for the PrimeBit Blog.

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