What a week! The first round PrimeBit Demo Contest is now over. The best 10 traders from the first seven trading days of the contest secured rewards from a $1,500 side prize pool. Congratulations!

PrimeBit exchange once again proved to be a great vehicle for profit. Six out of 10 best traders recorded a return on investment (ROI) higher than 2000%. The first-round winner – account no. 357723 holder – closed the first week with an impressive 3246.11% profit. The trader multiplied the initial deposit of 5,000 USDT to a whooping sum of 188,881 USDT.

Hopefully, this trader mirrored at least some of his profitable positions on a LIVE account 🙂

BTCUSDT has rallied over 15% since the beginning of our Demo Contest allowing participants to record spectacular results. The cryptocurrency market reacted strongly to the news about PayPal launching a new service enabling users to buy, hold, and sell cryptocurrencies. The interesting fact is that this news has led Bitcoin’s overall market value to reach $242 billion and surpass PayPal capitalization, which recently fell below $240 billion.

The PrimeBit Demo Contest leaders took advantage of rising cryptocurrency prices. Their major focus was BTCUSDT which was steadily approaching last year’s high price. They traded with high 1:100, 1:150, and 1:200 leverages gradually increasing long positions over time. Such a strategy allowed them to realize sensational profits of more than $50,000, often in just a single transaction.

At the moment, the Bitcoin is trading within the $13,100-$13,300 price range settling above the important $13,000 price mark. What was last week’s strong resistance level may now be turned into a solid support line in the upcoming week.

We just entered into the next exciting week for cryptocurrency markets and the second round of the Demo Contest. While thanks to PrimeBit’s high maximum leverage of 1:200 everyone still has a chance to jump into the top of the Global Ranking, the Weekly Ranging has already been reset. It’s a completely new game and we have new weekly leaders already.

Log into PrimeBit WebTrader, switch to your Contest Account, and give yourself a chance to win!

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