We have just entered the third week of the PrimeBit Demo Contest. We reset the Weekly Ranking and everyone has an equal chance to win the 3rd round of the competition. Each week the best 10 traders get rewards from a $1,500 side prize pool.

Congratulations to the second-round winners! The best trader – account 366622 – made an impressive 1661% profit. The runner-up account 365842 closed the week with 608% ROI, and the third-place account 36654 achieved a hefty 212% profit. In the second round, it was enough to make one profitable trade with high leverage to get a reward.

As for the Global Ranking, the leader increased the distance from the remaining participants. With an eye-popping 5257% return on investment (ROI) account no. 364990 holder has secured a comfortable pole position for the second half of the competition.

The best three traders have an ROI of above 4000% and everyone in the top 10 earned over 2200%. Since we give prizes to 50 top trades, you can still join the main competition winners club. The bottom account from the list is now trading with 173% ROI, certainly within every trader’s reach.

During the last week bitcoin continued the growth originally initiated by the Paypal announcement, however, its pace was moderate compared to the earlier dynamic boost. Overall, BTCUSDT has gained 5.2% outpacing ETHUSDT and LTCUSDT which price dropped by 2.3% and 5.5%, respectively.

You can trade all three pairs with your Contest Account. High maximum leverage of 1:200 gives you the opportunity to jump to the top of both Global Ranking and Weekly Ranking with a single well-timed trade. Give yourself a chance to win! In our competition, you don’t risk your own funds but win real prizes!

At the moment BTCUSDT is trading at $13,693. Bulls are in a good position to go through a $14,000 resistance level. If they succeed, their attention may be shifted towards an all-time high at $20,000. The upcoming week will be certainly exciting for cryptocurrency traders!

 Good luck!

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