Bitcoin has just broken the $16,000 resistance for the first time in three years as we are entering the final stage of the Demo Contest. Until midnight Sunday, November 15, you still have a chance to win one of the 90 prizes we are going to give away. Let’s take a look at the best trades made by this week’s leaders, as well as the fight at the top of the Global Ranking. The winner gets $1,000.

Last week the BTCUSDT rally stopped. Since last Friday the price is going up or down, and you could make money both opening long and short positions on BTCUSDT and other cryptocurrency pairs. Finally, on Thursday, bitcoin’s price broke the resistance. Let’s see now how this week’s leaders made their profit trading in the circumstances with no strong price trend.

This week’s leader account no. 369669 has made a 799% return on investment (ROI) so far trading BTCUSDT with a 1:200 leverage. The trader joined the contest on Thursday and placed just one trade. At 00:19 UTC on November 12 the account holder opened a sizable long position on bitcoin buying 64 contracts at $15,560. The position is still open and giving $40,284 in profit.

The runner-up account no. 357658 has open positions on all three pairs available in our Demo Contest. The trader placed the biggest buy orders on Wednesday, November 10. The account holder bought 20 contracts on bitcoin at $15,326 along with smaller long positions on ethereum and litecoin. At the moment of writing this post, the trader maintains an unrealized profit of $30,900, which makes a 579% ROI.

Here are the moments when this week’s leader (1) and runner-up (2) opened their long positions on BTCUSDT. On Friday third place holder opened the short position on bitcoin (3).

The runner-up account no. 369800 has made a 323% profit trading bitcoin on Friday, November 13. First,  at 1:20 a.m. UTC, the trader opened large short positions at $16,432 for 40 contracts. The trader closed them at 11:07 a.m. when BTC was worth $16,123 netting over $15,000 in profit.

As for the Global Ranking, there are two accounts competing closely for the top place. Their ROIs are both impressive. The leader has already delivered an outrageous 16,157% profit over the three and a half weeks of the contest. But the runner-up is very close with a stunning 15,329%. The third-place – account no. 360600 delivered an impressive ROI of 9,304%. We may only suspect that they made similar trades on their live accounts.

Even if you are not at the place that secures a prize at the moment, there’s still enough time to win a reward. It’s enough to have a 465% ROI to jump into the top 50 accounts of the Global Ranking. It’s even easier to get a weekly prize. The 10th account has an ROI of only 81%. You can surely beat it with just one trade! 

It’s going to be an exciting end of the week on the cryptocurrency markets. Bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin can go either way. The leaders can easily make a wrong move and lose a chunk of their profits. Give yourself a chance to win! Log into PrimeBit, switch to a Contest Account, and make the right trade with perfect timing.

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