Wow, that was close! The winner – account no. 357723 – made an astounding 11992% return on investment over the four weeks of our Demo Contest. With 11355% ROI, the runner-up – trading with account no. 357323 – was very close till the final seconds of the competition. Congratulations to the champion, who receives $1,000. All 90 Demo Contest winners will have their awards transferred to their PrimeBit USDT accounts.

Besides that, every new user who signed up to PrimeBit between September 21 and November 15 and joined the Contest gets a commission-free live trading account for 14 days, starting from November 16. Ride the rising cryptocurrency wave with PrimeBit and trade with no fees!

During the four weeks of the Demo Contest BTCUSDT has risen by 44%. The news about PayPal that confirmed enabling cryptocurrency payments initiated the bull market in the first days of the trading competition. The pressure for rising cryptocurrency prices continued during the US Presidential elections, which resulted in the sitting president Donald Trump challenging the results with several lawsuits. Additionally, the global economy is in turmoil, with the US and Europe hit hard by the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic.

As many as 55 Contest Accounts finished the competition with an ROI of over 400%, which proves that PrimeBit is a great investment platform. The winner made close to $600,000 profit with an initial deposit of only $5,000 USDT, while the runner-up completed the game with a net $567,728 ROI.

We give away $5,000 in prizes. The 50 traders with the highest positions in the Global Ranking will receive awards. You can check your position in the ranking on the Demo Contest website. Here’s the list of exact prizes for each place.

Here are the top 10 accounts in the Global Ranking. The total ROI is very impressive. Hats off to all the winners!

We have also concluded the fourth round of the weekly competition. Each weeks’ top 10 traders will receive a prize from the side pool. Congratulations to the final round winners! The fourth week of the competition was much more demanding than the preceding three as the cryptocurrency prices fluctuated around the $16,000 level. Under these conditions, the best result of 1073% ROI by account no. 369862 is an excellent achievement.

Bitcoin and altcoins are now at an interesting point. A four-hour BTCUSD chart suggests symmetrical triangle formation after a few days of a downtrend, which means the price may go either way.

For this reason, this week is going to be very exciting for cryptocurrency traders. Use the experience gained during the Demo Contest and the commission-free PrimeBit account to maximize your profits trading with real money. 

If you are a beginner, give it a try with a small depo to your Live account and incrementally increase with the pace of your new skills. If you are an experienced trader, don’t waste your time and go for real money by making the most of trading with no fees.