PrimeBit’s user base is growing fast. We do it organically, without costly ads, through the community of traders who recommend our platform.

Did you know that you can get a 30% lifetime revenue share from every account created after clicking your referral links? Yes, that’s true. The more you earn, the higher the revenue share you get. You can earn an additional 5% revenue share from the income generated by your affiliates’ clients.

To start 2021, and ahead of new cryptocurrency records, our designers have created four new landing pages for you

How to find the landing pages

Log into PrimeBit, choose “Affiliate program” from the main menu, and go to the “Affiliate Dashboard”. 

Create a campaign or choose an existing one, and click the “share campaign” button.

Choose the “add anding page” option.

Now you can scroll left (“<”) or right (“>”) to see all the available landing pages.

Clicking on the image you can preview the landing page. To share it, click the “copy” button. 

I’ll show you how you can use each landing page efficiently.

Deposit Bonus

We offer an up to $60 bonus for the first deposit. This is a very simple landing page that provides one of the highest conversion rates. 

I’d recommend using it with a campaign aimed at beginner traders, people who would like to profit from the growing cryptocurrency prices.

Get $60 (black)

This is just another version of the previous landing page. My advice is to share both designs at first, and verify which one performs better among your audience.

PrimeBit Ultimate

This landing page is designed for more advanced traders. There are fewer of them, but they will bring you more revenue as they invest large amounts of cryptocurrency. 

PrimeBit Ultimate presents all the profits of trading with PrimeBit, underlining the advantages over the main competitors: Binance, BitMEX, Deribit, and OKCoin. 

Use it in your campaigns aimed at the users of these platforms, and you will easily convince them to give PrimeBit a try.

PrimeBit Unique

Just like the Ultimate landing page, this one is aimed at more aware traders. PrimeBit Unique has less text, but more impressive graphics instead.

I’d also recommend testing the conversion rates of the Unique and Ultimate landing pages in your campaigns aimed at audiences that know what a crypto contracts trading platform is.

Remember to check the performance of your referral links in the PrimeBit Affiliate Panel at least once a week.

Don’t forget about the 10% fee discount

Just like with any referral links you can also add a 10% fee discount offer to each of your landing pages. 

If you don’t know how to do it, read our post about how to promote your referral links effectively

Enjoy the new landing pages and grow your affiliate network. Good luck!

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