We are doing our best to provide you with the best cryptocurrency experience when trading with our platform. Transaction fees on the Ethereum and Bitcoin networks have spiked recently, and we give you an alternative.

BSC is faster and the fees are lower. You may expect that your deposits and withdrawals will be processed within 1 minute and cost $0.1. 

BEP-20 Payments on PrimeBit

You can use the Binance Smart Chain network to make deposits to your PrimeBit tether accounts. 

You will save substantial money. Here are some example data for BEP-20 and ERC-20 payments available on PrimeBit.

BEP-20 ERC-20
Deposit fee 0 0
USDT Withdrawal 0.1 USDT 50 USDT
Deposit confirmation time 1 min 15 min

You can also deposit and withdraw BTC to your PrimeBit accounts. Bitcoin transaction fees usually spike over $20 and sometimes over $50 per one transfer during the peaks (i.e. when the price goes up or down significantly). These are the times you’d like to send your funds somewhere. Now you can do it without limits paying just a fraction of the standard fee.

Make your first BEP-20 transaction on PB

Click the “Deposit” button (1) and choose one of your LIVE Tether accounts (2).

You’ll see the BEP-20 payment method on the top.

Remember that only the BEP=20 (BSC) chain network is supported for this choice. Sending coins or tokens by another chain network may result in the loss of your deposit.

Use the USDT Wallet Address in your Binance.com transfer window or any other application that supports BEP-20 BSC.

That’s it. Enjoy the new payments. Currently, they are one of the best available. We’ll make sure to include all the best cryptocurrency solutions to our platform 🙂

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