There are over 50 hot assets you can trade on PrimeBit. This week we recommend having a closer look at Polkadot, SPX500, Game Stop contracts. 


DOTUSD has been on fire this week. The cryptocurrency gained over 27% until Friday when many inverters decided to cash in their profits. Still, Polkadot is outperforming Bitcoin and Ethereum in the most recent bulls run.

Make sure you trade DOT in the upcoming days as new all-time highs may be coming, of course, the reverse scenario is also possible with the coin plummeting creating a great opportunity to buy-low or short sell DOTUSD.


The US stock market has been going up steadily since mid-October. Over the last few weeks, a long leveraged position on SPX500 has been one of the easiest and most profitable strategies on PrimeBit. 

S&P 500 hits record after record fuelled by strong earnings by the leading companies. How long will the rally last? Nobody knows, but on Friday the NYSE opened in the green once again.

Game Stop

If you are bored by the bulls market in the US, you may decide to trade more exciting companies, like the legendary stonk Game Stop. On Wednesday, Game Stop soared as in the old times from $208 to $255 only to come back in a few hours 🙂 If you are into reading Reddit forums and feeling the mood of the crowd, Game Stop is an asset for you. 

If you want to short it, you better hurry up, as it’s -3.35% already today.

Stay tuned for PrimeBit’s Market Opportunities coming next week. Remember that you can transfer your BTC for free with Lightning Network. Learn how to make LN payments.