There are over 50 hot assets you can trade on PrimeBit. This week we recommend having a closer look at EURGBP, Silver, and McDonald’s contracts. 

Buy or short them at the right time using any leverage from 1x up to 200x and pay no markup. Here’s why:


For forex traders, EURGBP has been offering great opportunities this Autumn. First, the euro slid deeply against the pound sterling. The reason is simple – Brexit negotiations between London and Brussels are back. The two capitals are discussing how the Rep. of Ireland – Northern Ireland border should look like, and how the movement of goods will be performed. 

The issue is very tense, so keep an eye on the news, and trade accordingly.

Silver (XAGUSD)

Silver has gained impressive momentum in November appreciating over 7%. The precious metal is one of the favorite assets among margin traders, as it offers much more volatility than gold. 

PrimeBit traders who wanted to buy low XAGUSD or short it at the local top were given the opportunity on Friday, November 12. Silver has fallen from $25.2 per ounce to $24.8 in just a few hours.

McDonald’s Stocks

Have you heard about McDonald’s McPlant burger? This is an answer to the demand for vegan meat substitutes. The company is running tests of the product in a few restaurants. The McPlant burger is also sold in several international markets.

The events have caused a dip in the price of companies like Beyond Meat. McDonald’s stock’s volatility has increased, too. The price went up 8% in the last days of October and the beginning of November, only to suffer a steep drop on Thursday, Nov. 11. 

Stay tuned for PrimeBit’s Market Opportunities coming next week. Remember that you can transfer your BTC for free with Lightning Network. Learn how to make LN payments.

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