On Friday markets have been shaken by the news of a new COVID variant spreading in South Africa. It’s super contagious and has a protein structure very different from the other mutations spreading so far. This could mean a brand new pandemic.

Markets go strong down across the board – stocks, and crypto are in the red. The news brings new volatility to the markets, and trading with PrimeBit is the best way to profit from the turmoil. 

Here are three assets listed on our exchange that you should definitely consider adding to your watchlist. Buy or short them at the right time using any leverage from 1x up to 200x and pay no markup. 


German DAX30 fell 3% on Friday morning with Lufthansa plummeting 15.6% in the morning. However quickly the sentiment calmed down. We may be facing a new pandemic, but we already know how it works, so it’s a very tricky call for margin traders, as we don’t know if it’s time to sell high or buy low stocks.

Binance Coin

Cryptocurrency markets have seemed overheated for a few weeks. The South African mutation news triggered quite a strong sell-off with ETHUSD dropping below $4k for a moment. If you are looking for a major coin with high volatility and profit opportunities, Binance Coin deserves a closer look. 

BNB bulls saw an opportunity in the token falling from $650 to $570 in just several hours and started buying the dip. The token is tied to the popularity and success of the largest cryptocurrency exchange, and the news about Binance.US considering public offering to raise “a couple hundred million” would definitely help.


As veteran traders may suspect, precious metals were inversely correlated to stocks and crypto on Friday. Gold rose in times of uncertainty, and when markets began to get more familiar with the shocking news, the price started falling. 

Nevertheless, buying XAUUSD just when the news broke out proved to be a winning move, as the price hit $1815 per ounce before starting to drop. If the price moves on gold seem too little for your margin trading strategies, just remember that you can use leverage to earn more.

Stay tuned for PrimeBit’s Market Opportunities coming next week. Remember that you can transfer your BTC for free with Lightning Network. Learn how to make LN payments.