After three years of outstanding performance and hack-free history, PrimeBit unveils the new face of P2P trading. Improved customer experience, lite version for seamless trading, multiple asset classes, and a state-of-art affiliate program. The new, updated version of PrimeBit is on. 

Peer to peer trading platform explained

You against other traders.

PrimeBit, unlike forex brokers, facilitates transactions by associating buyers and sellers. The main difference between P2P trading and standard forex brokers is that you place bets against other traders. The PrimeBit platform is designed for the best trading experience possible and does not limit your profits. 

Unlimited profits. Capped risk

Making trading more accessible.

A new version of PrimeBit is another step in improving the trading experience. PrimeBit offers seamless MT5 (MetaTrader 5) integration, real-time API for algo traders, a mobile app, and ‘no software trading’ thanks to the web trader. Now a new LITE version offers an even more trading-friendly interface helping you focus on what’s essential – placing profitable orders. 

PrimeBit offers perpetual contracts on multiple asset classes (crypto, stocks, indices, commodities).

If you are on the right side of the market, you keep generating profit, as your contracts are not expiring. If the prices go against you, your loss cannot exceed the deposit. You can also manage your transactions by setting the “Take Profit and Stop Loss” levels. If you’re interested in a fast return, you can boost your profits with 200:1 leverage trading on selected assets. 

Everything’s better with friends

Make even more of PrimeBit.

With the PrimeBit affiliate program, you can earn up to 30% of revenue share with affiliates who join from your referral link and up to 5% revenue share from your affiliates’ referrals. So if you’re a people person and accumulate many traders around, you can profit without making a single transaction. Thanks to the PrimeBit affiliate tool – Unilink – you can use digital assets and create your professional marketing campaigns in no time. 

Don’t stay behind

PrimeBit in a nutshell.

Thanks to multiple payment processors, you can easily (and almost instantly) deposit and withdraw to PrimeBit. For quicker access, you can sign up with Facebook or Google. Personal accounts are 2FA protected. Thanks to technological solutions and organizational superiority, PrimeBit can offer lower fees than most brokers operating on the market. Contact our support team that works 24/7. 

Don’t stay behind. Sign-up on PrimeBit and check yourself against other traders!

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