2022 NFP Release Dates. Check the exact time when Non-Farm Payroll Numbers are Published

2022 NFP Release Dates. Check the exact time when Non-Farm Payroll Numbers are Published

Learn the exact dates when Non-Farm Payroll (NFP) numbers are announced. They influence global markets, and you can often make profitable trades reacting to the US jobs data being over or under the forecast.

NFP is an extremely important macroeconomic statistic for the US economy. Every new data release in forex, stock, commodities and even cryptocurrency markets may have a significant impact.

What is NFP, and what does it stand for? The numbers are released by the US Department of Labor every month, and present individuals working in non-agricultural companies in the United States.

Economists are always looking for signs of how the economy is doing. One of the most important indicators they look at is jobs data.

If you follow this data, it becomes clear that when more people find jobs, there’s a good chance the economy will be improving soon. If fewer people are finding work, then trouble may be coming our way.

Here’s why: It takes money to buy things like food and clothes and gas; in other words, if people don’t have any income or money saved up after paying their bills each month, they’re not going to spend on anything else–and that means less business for stores and companies all over America. That can lead to layoffs at manufacturing plants or businesses where

The NFP is released on the first Friday of each month at 8:30 am Eastern Standard Time (EST). These are the exact dates and hours. Adjust your time zone to the correct date and time.

December 2021 Jan. 07, 2022 08:30:00
January 2022 Feb. 04, 2022 08:30:00
February 2022 Mar. 04, 2022 08:30:00
March 2022 Apr. 01, 2022 08:30:00
April 2022 May 06, 2022 08:30:00
May 2022 Jun. 03, 2022 08:30:00
June 2022 Jul. 08, 2022 08:30:00
July 2022 Aug. 05, 2022 08:30:00
August 2022 Sep. 02, 2022 08:30:00
September 2022 Oct. 07, 2022 08:30:00
October 2022 Nov. 07, 2022 08:30:00
November 2022 Dec. 02, 2022 08:30:00

The dates above should be noted in the calendars of margin traders. Financial markets are fickle, but at least you can anticipate when new critical data is released.
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