PrimeBit $60 Bonus Terms & Conditions

  1. Bonuses can be used as a trading margin, but cannot be withdrawn. Profits from bonuses can be withdrawn.
  2. Bonuses cannot be used to cover the withdrawal fee.
  3. Bonuses are forfeited upon any withdrawal.
  4. The bonus will be added to the account balance automatically instantly once the deposit is made (max 2 business days).
  5. The bonus may expire after 180 days. You will receive email notification of any inactive bonus seven days before its expiration.
  6. The bonus can only be activated once. Its value depends upon the amount of the deposit you make with bonus information displayed in the payment modal.
  7. Affiliate transfers or other bonuses are not understood as deposits. The requirements may be adjusted as market condition changes.
  8. Bonuses are awarded once for the first deposit to an account made after November 20, 2020.
    • Make an initial deposit of over 0.003 BTC or over 50 USDT and get a $5 bonus;
    • Make an initial deposit of over 0.01 BTC or over 150 USDT and get a $10 bonus;
    • Make an initial deposit of over 0.1 BTC or over 1500 USDT and get a $60 bonus;
  9. Using multi-account registration to farm PrimeBit rewards or other dishonest behaviors will result in immediate termination of all associated accounts.