PrimeBit Demo Trading Contest Terms and Conditions (simple)

  1. To take part in the PrimeBit Demo Contest (Contest) you need to either register through the Contest landing page or click the “Join contest” button in the “Account dashboard” of the PrimeBit WebTrader app.
  2. Each Participant gets one tether Contest Account with the initial deposit of 5000 USDT.  These simulated funds are non-withdrawable.
  3. The Participants are ranked according to the Return of Investment (ROI) during the Contest (Global Ranking) and during each week of the Contest (Weekly Ranking).  The ROI is a relation between the Contest account equity and the initial deposit, minus 1 (equity/initial deposit – 1).
  4. The Contest starts at 12:00:01 am UTC on October 19, 2020, and ends at 11:59:59 pm UTC on November 15, 2020.
  5. The main prize pool is 3500 USDT. The main prizes are awarded to 50 Participants with the highest position in the Global Ranking at the end of the Competition, according to the table below.
    Global Ranking Prize
    1st 1000 USDT
    2nd 500 USDT
    3rd 300 USDT
    4–10th 800 USDT (divided equally)
    11–25th 500 USDT (divided equally)
    26–50th 400 USDT (divided equally)
  6. The users with the highest ROI in the following periods will get additional weekly bonuses paid from the side prize pool:
    • October 19, 12:00:00 am UTC – October 25, 11:59:59 pm UTC
    • October 26, 12:00:00 am UTC – November 1, 11:59:59 pm UTC
    • November 2, 12:00:00 am UTC – November 8, 11:59:59 pm UTC
    • November 9, 12:00:00 am UTC – November 15, 11:59:59 pm UTC
  7. The side prize pool is $1500. The weekly bonuses are awarded to 10 Participants with the highest position in the Weekly Ranking at the end of each Contest week, according to the table below.
    Weekly Ranking Prize
    1st $150
    2nd $75
    3rd $50
    4–10th $100 (divided equally)
  8. All prizes will be deposited to the winners’ PrimeBit tether Live Accounts within 2 weeks after the end of the Contest.
  9. Participants can withdraw the prizes without any restrictions.
  10. PrimeBit reserves the right to cancel or amend the Contest or the Contest rules at our sole discretion. Under no circumstances shall PrimeBit be liable for any consequences of any alteration, amendment, suspension, cancellation, or termination of the Contest.
  11. All new users who sign up to PrimeBit between September 21 and November 15 and join the Contest get a commission-free live trading account for 14 days, starting from November 16.
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